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Using the Science of Analytics.

MFD is a direct marketing company utilizing state of the art technologies and unique software applications to help retailers understand their customers and trade area communities and then direct advertising programs more efficiently,

MFD is a leader in data driven retail analytics, customer and trade area intelligence and targeted advertising programs.
Our sophisticated, market leading technologies, software and databases generate greater customer knowledge, more precise targeting of adverting programs, better managed integrated programs and optimized internal resources.
As a MarTech company, our technologies help create the value justification and operational excellence retailers require from both traditional and digital campaigns.
We drive advertising success by ensuring retailers’ advertising reaches the highest potential consumers and profitable communities in each store trade area.

Utilizing a robust toolbox of analytical instruments, MFD reaches deep into each store trade area to identify and target the communities that will generate the highest returns. We remove randomness and waste then introduce data driven targeting, based on ideal consumers and their importance to each retail trade area. Then, we deliver advertising messages where they need to be, when they need to be there - increasing traffic, driving sales and building lifetime value
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Analysis removes randomness and waste, then inserts science and precision targeting to achieve higher returns for all advertising campaigns.

Our 360 ° Analytics digs deep to deliver exceptional customer intelligence, and target the ideal retail communities. Utilizing proprietary, time tested and proven software, we provide an exhaustive understanding and knowledge of the diverse communities in each trade area, identifying the characteristics that are vital to obtaining the highest return per advertising dollar. MFD’s full suite of tools drive powerful analysis through all dimensions of the advertising theatre.KQuest Demographic, Spending, Media and Lifestyle
  • Customer Digital Journey
  • Return On Investment
  • Drive Time / Drive Distance
  • Location and Attribution
Tools to discover the critical items that allow a retailer to Reach the Optimal Consumer
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Isolating the critical profit contribution of every customer, postal code, route or trade area sector. This is the primary of all analytic modules.
Every customer, postal code and sector has a potential to provide profit over a lifetime. What is it? How do you maximize it?
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Giving Faces, Ethnicities, Personalities and Dimension to Customers and Store Trade Areas, allows marketers to target advertising programs highly relevant consumer traits ultimately driving better reach and for higher response.
Customer Media Usage habits are a vital statistic in understanding how, when and where to reach our target audience
Sometimes the greatest gains come from unexpected places.

KQuest unleashes the power of consumer and customer demographics, consumer spend, media and lifestyle traits, driving the ability to create dramatically more effective marketing campaigns from unexpected areas.
KQuest is MFD’s powerful, proprietary software that delivers robust intelligence on your customer loyalty base or store trade area communities. It penetrates deep into each community to extract the demographic, spending, media usage and lifestyle elements, that direct advertising campaigns to higher returns.

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power of KQuest Analytics
MFD MULTIMEDIA puts the advertising message where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

MFD ensures that the analysis and targeting results are executed in integrated programs across all strategic analog and digital media including Smarter-Flyers, Smarter-Digital, Radio, Newspaper and Out-Of-Home
Community Focused
In-home Programs:

Smarter Flyers
Newspaper ROP
Direct Mail
Community Events
Traditional Media
Community Focused
Digital Programs:

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media
Display Advertising
Geofenced Mobile
Digital media
Focused Programs:

Advanced beacon
technology allows retailers
to engage consumers in-
store, in the mall or in the
parking lot. Reaching
customers at the most
critical time.
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Multicultural Marketing:
By 2031, 50% of the population of Canada will be foreign born. MFD helps retailers reach this growing and profitable sectors of the economy. ethnic hands
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